Everyone benefits from the opportunities for growth provided to children by a quality education. We give children the tools to succeed, not only when they are at the McNeilly Center, but also at home, through parental education and by allowing parents the time to work or go to school.  In addition to age-appropriate toys and books to stimulate cognitive development, the skills children learn in our school have lasting effects throughout their life. 

Infant &
Toddler Care


    • Provides care to children 6 weeks to 30 months of age
    • Utilizes a curriculum where teachers guide children through socialization with peers, the acquisition of language skills, learning with independent exploration and positive caregiver interaction
    • Lays the foundation for lifelong learning, and social, emotional and intellectual growth.

    Preschool Program



    • Provides care to children 6 weeks to 5 years of age
    • Utilizes a comprehensive curriculum that develops the children’s minds and bodies through sequenced learning experiences. The curriculum’s lessons link language, early literacy, math, science, technology, and personal development. 


    The McNeilly Center was founded by Reverend J. T. Coleman who established a Presbyterian Sunday School and Mission and named it for his good friend, and community leader James McNeilly.


    McNeilly Day Home opens as a community-based program and began caring for nearly 100 children every day. From there, it evolved into the McNeilly Center for Children.


    The Nashville Childcare Center (NCC) is formed.


    The NCC adds a toddler program.


    The McNeilly Center secures accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).


    The NCC opens a Family Resource Center.


    The McNeilly Center and NCC merge to maximize potential, programs, and staff.


    The McNeilly Center for Children is one of Middle Tennessee’s largest providers of quality child care for low-income families. McNeilly provides a need-based financial “scholarship” program based on a sliding scale and recognizes that the family is the foundation of every child’s life. McNeilly provides support services to help parents strengthen their parenting skills and assist families in solving problems, in addition to a providing a quality education.